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There’s no other way?

Parents of children at secondary school who have just chosen their ‘options’ will know how I’m feeling right now. How can a 14-year-old know what he wants to do in life when his 48-year-old father is still undecided? Indeed, options have been brought forward for even younger children now as the government forges ahead with...
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VW Heritage – the future is the past

VW Heritage is the UK’s largest classic VW parts supplier. There is plenty of love for the VeeDub and while such an iconic name has traction built in, their identity felt confused – positioning an old school brand in a contemporary setting isn’t easy. So. Overalls on, then. Let’s do this thing. We put VW...
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What They Say About Us

"Pleece&Co helped us to grow our business in a recession whilst our competition lost ground."

David Ward, Managing Director, VW Heritage