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Take takeaways off the menu and enjoy some proper dining

  Even the fanciest of restaurant fare can now be delivered to your door, so are we being encouraged to stay put and let the good stuff come to us? There are certainly more than a handful of cuisines that lend their hand to the delivery option. Indian takeaways are popular in our household and,...
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The English’s Problem

English’s of Brighton is the oldest restaurant in Brighton. It’s the freshest, tastiest seafood you’ll ever eat in the south of England without access to a fishing rod and Heston Blumenthal. The word ‘quaint’ understates their quaintness. The toilet has a ghost, Charlie Chaplin twirled his cane here. And so on and so forth. History...
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What They Say About Us

"The thing that I love most about Pleece&Co is that they are not afraid to tell it like it is."

Daniel Guest, Marketing Manager, R-Cubed