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Chez Toi

The Infinite Clock and the Blue G Beast

The plethora of depressing articles about Facebook allegedly ‘knowing’ people better than their own families is indicative of our increasing subservience to the mysterious algorithms that send the Internet ticking around like an infinite, borderless clock. Despite the intangible oddness of this cloud compatible timepiece, a lone gatekeeper has remained stubbornly at its centre; a...
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Chez Toi: like an After Eight on your pillow

What we did on our holidays: workshops, web development, consultancy, SEO, digital marketing strategy and output, project and account management Staying in posh hotels feels deliciously decadent and if you’ve stayed at a high-end UK hotel then Cafe du Monde probably supplied your morning heart-starter. Then they decided to launch a new gourmet coffee product,...
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What They Say About Us

"We have an excellent relationship with Gary and his team."

Zac Toumazi, Chief Executive, Sussex County Cricket Club