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#DWYWD: Impulse

In my first week working as an intern for Pleece & Co I decided to make use of my ‘do what you want day’ by visiting London to practice two of my favourite hobbies: sitting on the floor and spending money. Queueing for two hours in Carnaby Street braving forecasted rain might sound daft to...
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Improving the prospectus of Kingsway College

Ever looked at the website for this college? It’s great. Crisp, bold colours and restrained use of text makes it nice to look at, informative and – crucially – easy to understand. Should it inspire you to send off for the prospectus something very different would have plopped out of the envelope. As inspiring as...
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What They Say About Us

"The thing that I love most about Pleece&Co is that they are not afraid to tell it like it is."

Daniel Guest, Marketing Manager, R-Cubed