Blend is the 5 step working process we’ve created to help your business achieve its marketing aims.


Blend 1.0 – Scoping

A free strategy and planning meeting shaped to address your marketing needs and to provide the evidence for us to prepare your proposal. Basically, your road map to success.

Blend 2.0 – Workshop

A strategy workshop that will provide the foundations for us to build your new brand and marketing strategy. It’ll be challenging – but also fun. Get it all in the ring. It’s all up for review.

Blend 3.0 – Planning

Where the magic happens. We take all our findings from Blend 1.0 and 2.0 and write the marketing plan that will lead to your long-term business success.

Blend 4.0 – Delivery

Delivery of all work to the plan. This could be a rebrand, new website, social media and search strategy, quality printed collateral – we identify the needs and improve performance.

Blend 5.0 – Analysis

Part artists, part scientists. Our reporting and analysis will give you the insight your business needs in order to sustain growth. We’ll be there for you as we ensure the plan is delivered on budget.